Our Industry Sector Teams

Our Industry Sector Teams

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Electricity generation and transmission, along with an accelerating conversion to renewable power sources, are some of the most powerful economic forces – and opportunities –  that will drive the development of Nigeria over the next 50 years.

Because we are well-established in the power sector in Nigeria, we can deliver a full range of commercially-aware, results-oriented, and frequently intellectually innovative, legal services and support at unsurpassed levels of cost-effectiveness.

our leading services

  • advice on operation and maintenance agreements for power generation facilities and power plans

  • transaction support to acquisitions and mergers in the power sector

  • proactive regulatory advice

  • project structuring advice and services

  • take-off agreements

  • acquisition and integration of power assets

  • construction agreements

  • power-purchase agreements

  • dispute resolution and complex litigation tailored to the dynamics of business operations in the power sector

  • a full range of corporate and commercial legal services custom-tailored to the needs, operations, and objectives of our power sector clients

Some instances of how we have helped our clients: -

  • We advised Daewoo Nigeria Limited on its operation and maintenance agreement for the Afam V and Afam VI power generation facilities.

  • We advised an international investment fund on a proposed loan of $124 million to pay a purchaser’s bid price for a power distribution company.

  • We represented a client on a $3 million project consultancy contract with a power holding company with respect to seven medium-sized power plants.

  • We advised a bidder in its acquisition of an 80% interest in an electricity generation company, as part of the privatization of Nigeria’s generation sector.

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