Our Team

Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of lawyers who are “world class” by any criterion.

So, we have to do more than just be excellent lawyers to compete in this environment and meet the expectations of sophisticated clients.

As illustrated by their professional biographies, each of our lawyers, possesses unusual breadth and depth of legal knowledge and experience in multiple areas of law. Most of our lawyers practice in more than one practice area or industry sector.

All of our team, not just the partners, maintain the levels of practical business understanding and insight that our clients increasingly expect from their legal advisors.

We must not only keep up with our clients; we also need to stay intellectually one step ahead of them in order to be ready to meet the clients’ changing needs for legal advice that is insightful, cost-effective, and reliable, and that leads to the best results for each client in each matter.

This is the profile of a Solola & Akpana lawyer: in-depth legal expertise and experience powered by an unsurpassed understanding of the client’s business realities and ambitions.


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