Successful business people know that they need more than just a good legal technician to help them achieve their objectives. They need lawyers and law firms who, individually and institutionally, have a commercial understanding of their legal issues and interests, which often can make the difference between an acceptable legal result and a great business success.

In addition to offering a complete range or corporate and commercial law services, Solola & Akpana’s Corporate & Commercial Practice Group includes seven focus areas of practice that are especially important to the success of our clients’ enterprises. We draw upon expertise from each of these areas as needed to produce a coordinated, multi-perspective understanding of each client’s goals and expectations, with unsurpassed levels of cost-effectiveness that help our clients achieve a solid positive return on their investment in our services.

Banking and Corporate finance

We offer a complete range of specialized services for commercial banks and other financial institutions operating in Nigeria, with commercially-aware, comprehensive advice on all international and domestic banking operations. We also advise foreign and local enterprises on some of their most strategic financing transactions… [more]

Company Secretarial, Governance, and Compliance

In addition to traditional company secretarial services, we deliver proactive guidance to ensure that our clients are up-to-date and fully compliant with the new regulatory environments in which corporate governance and decision making must function.

Environmental Compliance

We help our clients not only to respond to the increasingly sophisticated changes and challenges of compliance with environmental laws and regulations, but also to anticipate them now to avoid greater risks in the future… [more]

Intellectual Property

No law firm today can credibly claim to offer “full service” corporate and commercial advice without robust intellectual property law capabilities. For many of our clients, their intellectual property is their most precious asset. We offer a complete range of IP services customized to meet the special and specific structures, operations, and objectives of each client… [more]

International Investment and Divestment

We have guided and represented major foreign clients in the manufacturing, investment, energy, technology, and service sectors as they establish businesses in Nigeria either in partnership with Nigerians or through companies wholly owned by non-Nigerians. We help our clients navigate all the regulatory requirements for running a business in Nigeria, as well as the practical business necessities… [more]

Mergers and Acquisitions

We draw upon our deep, comprehensive store of legal expertise and experience, and combine it with our thorough understanding of the realities of strategic business decisions in Nigeria, to walk alongside our clients through the entire merger or acquisition experience to a successful conclusion… [more]

Securities and Capital markets

Our firm is active in the Nigerian capital market. Because we work hard to understand fully our clients’ business objectives in every deal, we can help them to anticipate issues and proactively manage legal risks before they become crises… [more]