Disputes are an unhappy fact of business life. Even when you win, they can be costly, time-consuming, and distracting from your business objectives and daily operations.

Our goal is to reduce these burdens by assembling a team of legal experts and skilled advocates who understand each client’s interests – not only in the dispute but beyond it – and are committed to obtaining the best possible results, whether by alternative dispute resolution methods, formal arbitration, or, if necessary, full litigation.

Our Leading Services

  • representation in trial and appellate courts and tribunals throughout Nigeria
  • representation in international arbitration cases
  • a team of legal experts and skilled litigators assembled to fit with each client’s industry or business sector and the nature of the issues at stake
  • proactive dispute resolution management to anticipate and, when possible, avoid unnecessary delays or procedural complications
  • a “litigator’s perspective” to support our advice about non-contentious matters, by pointing out the possible obstacles and pitfalls and helping our clients design dispute-avoidance strategies

Some Instances Of How We Have Helped Our Clients

  • We successfully defended a major UK-based law firm, and two of its partners in multiple suits against them in Nigeria.
  • We successfully defended a multinational oil company in a suit filed by members of a host community, regarding royalties and rental payments allegedly owed them from our client’s oil exploration.
  • We successfully secured the dismissal of a winding-up petition against a leading indigenous oil company.
  • We successfully secured dismissals in multiple suits filed against a liquified gas company to enforce a multimillion Naira judgement obtained against the company.
  • We have successfully secured dismissals of several suits against our clients, major international oil companies., by their host communities.
  • We have successfully defended several major oil companies in multiple lawsuits for claims arising from oil spills in various communities in the Niger Delta area.
  • We successfully defended indigenous oil exploration companies against wrongful dismissal claims by former employees.
  • We have successfully prosecuted debt recovery suits on behalf of several banks, as well as defended them against libel, tort, and contractual claims by their customers, at both the trial and appellate levels.