Taxation/Corporate Governance

Tax laws affect everything that our clients do. This means that our advice must not only be legally skilled and commercially aware, but that it also needs to be “tax aware.”

We embed our tax expertise in all our services to corporate clients and private clients. We don’t assign a tax specialist to every matter; but we make sure that every lawyer assigned to the transaction or case asks about, is aware of, and understands any significant tax issues or implications, and is prepared to propose realistic options for the client. This means that our clients can be confident that we have considered any probable impact of Nigerian tax laws and regulations on their decisions and initiatives.

Our Leading Services

  • thorough, responsive, and accurate advice on all aspects of business and individual taxation in Nigeria
    consideration of tax issues and consequences as a first step in our advice, not as a footnote
  • industry-specific and deal-specific analyses of tax issues and implications in the banking, construction and real estate, oil and gas, and power sectors
  • tax-efficient structures and strategies in commercial law areas such as corporate finance, project finance, and corporate structuring

How We Have Helped Our Clients

Because of the sensitive, confidential nature of our services and advice in this area, we prefer not to publish descriptions of specific matters. For more information, please consult one of our points of contact listed at the top of this page.